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In lieu of the warm weather, our team here at MONUMENT wanted to remind new property owners to expect the expected. Yes, the expected. For some, warm weather means backyard BBQ’s, increased visitors and pulling out the pool! This also means potential hazards, increased water bills and a potential headache. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips to stay ahead of the game and ensure that both you and your tenants have a great summer!

STAY AHEAD OF LAWN CARE: Whether your property is filled or vacant city of Cleveland isn’t playing anymore. Changes have been made to the grass cut law. Even though you added lawn care to your tenant’s lease, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. Per the City, the property owner is still responsible for any fines and they will send the bill to you, NOT the tenant. Be proactive! Research lawn care companies and approach them about setting up a lawn maintenance program to help your tenants out.

WATCH THE WATER BILL(S): Of course, you know the importance of paying bills on time, but PLEASE pay the water AND sewer bills on time! Not only are you avoiding extra fees, but you’re also able to be proactive about monitoring each properties usage. Inflatable pools, car washing and extra loads of laundry are all summer time trends.  Check each properties usage online every 30-90 days to avoid surprise bills.

DID WE MENTION GRILLING? Who doesn’t like to throw a few steaks on the grill on a hot day? Anticipate some outdoor grilling attempts at both apartments and single-family homes.  If you own an apartment complex, you definitely need to have strict rules and scheduled reminders to use everyone is aware of your expectations both in advance and consistently throughout the summer. Check with the U.S. Department of Housing for any fair housing rules related to this matter. Send friendly reminder emails as early as spring hits to restate rules, applicable fines, and to have on file as documentation for the insurance company in case something happens.

For additional maintenance items to keep your eye on this summer, check out AAAOA’s Summer Checklist for Landlords or call Monument Real Estate Services for any of your property management needs!




Posted by: ByronJames on June 28, 2018
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