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Break Up, Not a Heart Break

Since our last blog “Too Mature To Speed Date” , had marriage metaphors running through its core, we felt it was prudent that we continued the relationship theme when discussing evictions. Clearly, we don’t become buy and hold investors because we’re looking forward to evicting tenants. But we must understand that there is a good chance you will have to deal with an eviction, and having clear operational standards helps tenants and owners remove a lot of emotion and stress from an eviction -­­­­­ an outcome we’d all like to avoid. We truly believe that when it comes to evictions a “break up does not have to be a heart break”. How do you do that?

Important: Have an eviction process and be consistent!

In all relationships, there should be boundaries and standards that people adhere to, tenants and owners are no exception. Renters should be aware of your eviction process and you should be consistent regardless of heartfelt stories. For example, if a tenant does not reply to our calls, text, and emails to make a payment arrangement then they are given a three-day notice. Furthermore, when tenants are late we require them to commit to a payment date and it must be before the end of the month. If the promised payment is not made by the arranged date we cut-off communication from the tenant and go forward with the eviction process.

Owners must understand that Cleveland has a very tenant friendly court so you must “dot your I’s and cross your T’s”. We once had a case dismissed because of a wrong digit on a three-day notice, so pay attention to detail and be thorough. In addition, if owners have not fixed non-emergency maintenance issues within 30 days then there is a good chance you will lose the case. Finally, keep a record of all interactions and don’t be spiteful and retaliate with acts like shutting off the water. Again, we can’t stress enough how having standard procedures help the owner tenant relationship in the event of a break-up due to eviction.

Tip: Hiring a lawyer that is very familiar with the eviction process is a huge benefit and time saver!

Interesting link: Some Standard Eviction Rules

Posted by: ByronJames on June 11, 2017
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